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One of the especial essence of stipulating of warrior title is to give pattern (role model) to the rising generation router of nation. Pattern required by for the shake of taking care of the continuity of good values of struggle and also heroism, believed also become requirement a nation to be able to stay.
A sure heroism have abysmal willingness of him and self intend to realizing it. To be able to realize, they have bravery, sincerity, and manful. Heroism essence like that have to be made by pattern especially to the rising generation
A heroism besides dare to also have to be downright. Which we require in crisis situation like now is one who is pattern can especially in the case of its sincerity. Many people now call loudly he/she will advocate people but at the time of at the same time oppositely corruption
In fact this nation still require to attend him a hero though colonialism era have ended. That is real hero which dedicate its body and soul to free this nation from is situated behind, stupidity, and poorness. Though colonist clan have 62 year go upstream to country come from, and Indonesian nation have independence and sovereignty of nation, until today still many considered as by nation children is class society under, they do not integrate intactly with wide of society of their cause is shifted and moved of social life chess. This matter happened because situated behind clan them, have no to access education and impecunious economical. Difficult people medicinize otherwise have money. Difficult people of rich school if not. Question of getir which we lay open in this time is: when we earn to make nation children feel at home in country alone? And also what earning us do to make this nation become betterly?
See situation of this country, is required by hero buttonhole appearance. Incoming hero from various side. One of them we are, that is: student, lecturer, and employees in college environment. Programs performed within managing college will yield ability owner grad to compete and develop science studied by which is its impact also will be able to enjoy by this nation society to become is better the than situated behind which they experience of. Student can be optimal is science which have to repair this nation image in world chess, and so do in sport area and art. The question is: do we have done big steps like that? Or minimize, do we have had dream, desire and aspiration to big step in area which we elaborate now is such as those which done by big heroes of this nation in colonialism era? Come on with, we build this nation from situated behind and left behind of other nation. So that we earn to independence such as those which we expect with such as those which is in fact expected from heroes in the past. Congratulation struggle my brother….!!!*


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